We Will Break The World Record: Rahul Singh

With the world’s biggest movie producing industry, India is perhaps the world leader when it comes to cinema. With the advent of the 21st century, the Indian cinema movement has seen an unprecedented growth wherein young and raw talent from all over the country have come out and astonished everyone with their acting, singing and camera skills. It is indeed a matter of pride for us to be leading the world cinema. One such young director who is on his way to bring laurels for himself as well India is Rahul Singh (Director and Producer of Splitmirror Picturez), who is planning to attempt a world record by making a single shot movie in a single day which will be produced by Obeejeet Viswas and actor Reyaansh Singh is on board. Talking exclusively to The Celeb Lyf, Rahul talks about his plans and his journey.

Q. How did it all start? How has your journey been?

Rahul: I was born in New Delhi and belong to a middle-class family. My parents have always supported me and have always had a belief in me. I got my certification as a film director from Whistling Woods Institute, Mumbai. Apart from that I also have undergone a diploma in VFX and animation which lasted for 2 years from Delhi. I’ve also been involved in short films and TV serials as a ghostwriter and aspire to direct my own show one day. This is what my journey has been so far.

Q. How did the idea of making a new world record come to you?

Rahul: The kind of issues that are faced by new filmmakers in the industry prompted me to do it, with the monetary disadvantage and lack of trust which a new filmmaker receives has led me to this. I don’t like the fact that money is spent on producing movies which are very ordinary and are usually shot in a time span of 30-40 days. So my team and I decided to attempt the world record by making a single shot movie in one day. I am glad to announce that we are finished with our pre-production work and plan to start shooting as soon as the lockdown ends.

Q. How do you think your work will impact the Indian Cinema?

Rahul: I am sure that this experiment will blow the minds of the audience as well as those of our seniors. The movie would be full of action including some amazing chase scenes which are all planned to be taken in a single take.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

Rahul: If all goes well and the audience receives my work with love and affection, I plan on making and directing a web series.

Well, we are all super excited about Rahul’s venture and we wish him and his team the best for attempting this record and slaying it.


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