After celebrating and winding up the success of her debut poetry book, yellow: the verses of hurting & healing. urja joshi has put a comma if not a full stop to her active writing on social media. And at this point no one can help but ask themselves if this is a necessary break after the release and promotion of yellow, that she very well deserved or is it the calm before storm. One of the many predictions can be that she is preparing for her next come back later this year, but again nothing can top the announcement that comes directly from her. Keeping in mind author urja joshi’s versatility and talents of writing in various genres, the biggest question again is that, is the next release going to be a poetry or something different.

As the free press talked about her and claimed that she has given 3 books to her audience in 3 different genres, which is not expected and wildly talented of any author her age. Not only that but as of critical analysis this can be one of the most important releases of joshi as she is at a very crucial stage of her career. She is in positive attention as of now and we have nothing but greater expectations from her next book, this might be very pressurizing for her, but we are sure, she will deliver nothing but excellency. 

We are looking forward to it , are you as well?

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