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As many of you know that Trapperx is a professional DJ, but did you know that he is also a Gym Instructor? He loves to mix music and experiment with tunes. But did you know that he loves to travel as well? He is a party freak and food lover. At a very young age, Sushil Ghunawat(his real name) has gained quite a good amount of love and attention from his fans.

Sushil is known as Trapperx and mainly produces Trap and House Music. He told us that “the term ‘Trapper’ originated from the ‘Trap’ genre. And ‘x’ in this sense is a dark alphabet. I’m a dark moody artist. So yeah ‘Trapperx’.”

We here at The Celeb Lyf bring you an Untold and Inspiring story of Sushil Ghunawat. Let’s get started. 


Birth and Education

Sushil Ghunawat was born on 22nd March 1998 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is 21 years old and is currently staying in Jaipur. He completed his schooling from St Edmunds School in Jaipur. He did B. Com Hons. (BADM) from Commerce College, Jaipur

Trapperx age

Rediscovering Himself

In an exclusive interview with The Celeb Lyf, Sushil Ghunawat told us how he actually started thinking of becoming a DJ. Hold on…. we will tell you the whole story of Sushil Ghunawat here. 

Sushil told The Celeb Lyf that when he was 12 years old, one day his friend’s brother left his laptop at Sushil’s home. In that laptop, he found a software called “FL STUDIO”. According to Sushil, “it is one of the best software for music production.” However, at that time Sushil didn’t know much about music. He found “FL STUDIO” software interesting and started tapping every button on it. He liked the sounds which were coming when he was tapping those buttons. He found it interesting and started watching tutorials on how to use this software on the internet.

After using that software for one year Sushil started having a deep interest in it. He started producing melodies. Mind you, he was only 13 years old then. (Talented na?)

Trapperx music producer

The Birth of Trapperx

Sushil told The Celeb Lyf that he didn’t like to study. Instead, he invested his time in making music and learning new things. By the time he turned 16, he completed his school and started making his own remixes, mashups and original melodies. He started sending those to international artists via mail and DMs. Talent makes its way to recognition and in Sushil’s case, he started getting recognition and appreciation by the international artists. However, he was not getting any money for his work at that time. Still, he joined that platform and became a member of the ghost producer family.

You must be thinking what does this “ghost producer” mean? Sushil explained that there are some platforms on the internet where you can work as ghost producers for others and sell your original music to them. Yes. It is like selling you work without credits (that’s sad).

Sushil sold his first project to a client in Argentina and got 199$ from it. That was an amazing start. He was so happy with that. He told us, it was his first income from music.

DJ Trapperx

Passion becomes Profession

Sushil started to take customized orders from International clients. It gave him enough exposure and he earned quite a good amount of money from it. It also helped him learn more about music.

His music which he was making for clients started going on international charts. One of his projects crossed 51 million streams on youtube. However, Sushil said at that time he realised that he deserved better and instead of making music for others he wanted to make music for himself.

Luckily the ghost production helped him make connections in the music industry. He started to make music for himself and stopped that ghost production work. His first project was completely produced and mixed by him and mastering that song was done by Carde Balanche music, Canada.

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Sushil has recently released his first Hindi debut Hip Hop track with an artist from Bangalore. His name is AXSH and the track name is “Bewafai”.

Sushil started taking mixing and mastering projects as well and also started making international deals.

Sushil Ghunawat

Success only comes after the struggle

On being asked about struggles, Shushil shared with The Celeb Lyf that his life was full of struggle. His father was an Income Tax Officer and they used to live a very luxurious life. However, his father passed away when  Sushil was only 11 years old. From a big house, they were suddenly shifted to a 2 BHK flat on rent.

He started doing part-time jobs in school. He paid his 12th class fees from his self earned income. He also gave home tuition to students and worked as a trainer in the gym. Sushil Ghunawat also worked as a coordinator in the local marriage function. He did small gigs for 500 rupees also.

In an interview, he told us, “life was not easy for me.” Moreover, as his father was a government servant, everybody was expecting a government job from Sushil as well. In fact, because of his mom, he started taking coaching classes for government examinations as well. However, he used to bunk those classes and sit in the park with his headphones on and listen to music rather.

He said, “firstly my mom was totally against my passion because we see music as a hobby here, nobody thinks that it can be a career but as I started growing, my mom set me free and told me to live my life on my terms.”

Sushil shared that now his mother is very happy and proud of him. He told us that his mother is his biggest fan. She loves to hear his music and for Sushil, that is his biggest achievement.

Talking of achievements, let’s also read what are some of Sushil’s biggest achievements as of now. 

Trapperx Sushil Ghunawat

Some Achievements 

Sushil is a signed artist of SSL Europe and soon he will be signing bigger international labels. (We wish him good luck!)

Sushil has judged 2 north India’s biggest college cultural fests – ZEST 2020 and JU RHYTHM 2020 at the age of 21. (Isn’t it inspirational?)

Becoming a DJ

On being asked about his preference, Sushil said initially he wanted to be a DJ. He loved to play with music. In fact, he did some small gigs in his school as well. But now he thinks music production is his zone.

He thinks music is important in both cases. So for Sushil, music production and DJing go hand in hand.

You must be thinking that Sushil never actually got trained himself in music. Well then, you are wrong. Sushil learned DJing and he did a Compact Disc Jockey course as well. So yeah, he is a trained DJ.

Trapperx Fitness Freak

Sushil answered some exclusive questions asked by The Celeb Lyf-

Q. What type of music do you like the most?

I like Trap, deep house and Hip-Hop. My inspirations are Travis Scott, Murda Beatz and RL Grime.

Q. What are your dreams as of now?

As an artist, I want to play at every major music festival in this world including Tomorrowland, UMF and ADE. I want to travel, make good music and make a music community in India to grow and evolve music here. Moreover, as a business dream, I want to start my own music academy and that too in every major city of India. I have already started my first academy here in Jaipur. I have 12+ students here and I give online music production lessons globally as well. (X-Stream Productions is the name of my academy)

Q. Would you like to share from whom you get inspiration or who is your Idol?

Truly, I only follow one artist that is Travis Scott. Because he started from the ground and his love for music made him one of the finest Hip Hop singers of all time.

Q. We’ve seen most of the DJs try modelling. Do you have any plans like that?

Yeah, definitely. It’s a glamour field and I think I would love to do modelling in the future. I have plans to launch my merch clothing line as well.

Q. Your Instagram account reflects that you are a fitness freak. Would you like to give any tips to your fans?

Yeah, I worked as a fitness consultant and gym manager for 3 years when I was in college. It was a part-time job though. Also, fitness is my hobby so for my fans, I wanna say that follow your passion. It is the best key to calm your soul. But along with that eating right and workout daily will make you fit and healthy. Everything comes to you at its fullest when you’re healthy. So I must say that one should always workout a minimum of 3 times a week and take a healthy diet every day.

Q. What are your upcoming projects?

I have 2 upcoming projects, one is a tropical house track with Kayden Maccarthy. He is a singer from Chicago, USA. The name of the song is “Live Like a Love Song”, which is produced, written and mix mastered by me and vocals are recorded by Kayden. The second project is with Jermaine Fleur. It is a deep house project. This song is also produced, written and mix mastered by me. Jermaine has released the world’s biggest label house which is Spinnin records. Jermaine is from Amsterdam.

Trapperx audio engineer

He is a very young artist and he has already got a huge fan following. Sushil Ghunawat is an excellent example and an inspiration for those who think that they can’t do anything in their life because life is hard for them. Learn from Sushil and you’ll find your passion becoming your profession. We at wish Sushil Ghunawat good luck for his future works.

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