Shashikant Sharma: The New Era Superstar

There is a saying ‘That a son’s job is to make his father proud’. But in this case, we have a duo, wherein the father and the son have made each other. I am talking about none other than Shashikant Sharma, an actor who also happens to be an army brat. Talking exclusively to The Celeb Lyf, he shares the story of his success and failures, right from the start.

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Born on the 15th of March, 1994 in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, Shashikant has seen a lot of places during his childhood. Being an army brat he got educated in different Indian states like Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc. Having travelled extensively, Shashi who happens to be a passionate traveller took the opportunity of his dad’s postings to start learning extensively about the different cultures and traditions of the places he is going. 

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Introduction to Acting and Beginnings in Bollywood 

Shashi tells us that he had always been popular amongst his friends in school and college likewise and he was particularly appreciated for his acting skills which were a result of some comments that his friends made telling him that that he has a straight face and it is difficult for them to differentiate whether he is serious or not. Shashi instantly developed an affinity towards acting and Shashi who also is an engineer by profession decided to follow acting which was his passion and pursue it professionally.

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Having had humble beginnings in the film industry as a stuntman, Shashi soon was approached for an audition and look test which he passed, and hence his career as an actor started. Shashi also says that he learned a lot while assisting the director during his first movie and says that he is thankful to his well-wishers who have always supported him through thick and thin. They also saw a potential director in him and advised him to pursue direction alongside acting. Shashikant did not stop here, he further produced and directed a few independent songs and videos, mostly North Indian, and hence became an accomplished actor-director and a producer.

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The Risk of “Risknama”

Shashikant tells us about how he became a recognised face before the release of his first movie. People knew him when his movie, “Risknama” was in its post-production phase, and with this humid statement that he was here to stay. Even though the movie did not fare too well in the box office, Shashikant had made and left his mark which in turn led to him getting a lot of movie offers.

Talking about his personal life, Shashi discloses that even after his first movie he did not tell his parents about his alternative career choice as there were hurdles in it getting released. When the film went for the approval of the Censor Board, Shashi felt relaxed and told people about his upcoming movie. When the movie was enclosed by the Censor Board even after a month, he started facing backlash and people started mocking him making fun of him, even after all these things, he did not stop and though it was tough for his movie to be released, Shashi became an integral part of the film industry once it was on the celluloid and the screens. Now Shashi is a proud part of the Indian Film Industry.

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Dreams and Aspirations

Shashikant says that perhaps his biggest dream is to go to Hollywood one day and for that, he is working very very hard for it. Shashi also wishes to motivate people so not just acting but for the allies to enable them to work better smarter and harder, he also wishes to launch a platform wherein people can showcase their talents and ideas. He also says that he is working on a project and is in fact in contact with few people in California and that is coming up nicely and effectively. We hope to see his project on the screen very soon.

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Shashi feels that in the line of the profession that he has chosen, the only thing that can help somebody survive is patience. A lot of people come to Mumbai intending to become an actor but what they lack even if they have a huge amount of talent is patience. Shashi tells us that a person should not feel low when he sees failures and rather work upon himself to become a better and a polished actor. He also says that there are a lot of people involved in the production of a movie apart from the actors and every one of them has a considerable amount of role and work to do.

Upcoming Projects and Advice for fans

Having a lot of movies in the pre and post-production phases, Shashi tells us that his bag is full and he is waiting for things to get normalised and once they do, we will all see him on the screen. Shashi also discloses that he has plans to start producing movies under his own production house and banner once things get better.

Sharing a special message for his fans, especially for those who aspire to become actors. Shashi says that one should have passion and motivation on this zeal and the zest to keep improving themselves. Success or failure is immaterial, what matters at the end of the day is how hard you worked and how better you are from yesterday. Shashi also says that he feels that hard work is never left unrewarded and even if you failed today, you will see your rise tomorrow.

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We at, wish Shashikant Sharma all the luck for his future endeavours and plans.

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