Rhime of Time by Padmaja Bharti

Padmaja Bharti

Rhime of Time is a compilation of 75 soul touching and thought-provoking short poems penned by bestselling author Padmaja Bharti and published by Blue Rose Publishers.

The book has a beautiful pink cover that looks simple and elegant at the same time. The elaborate description that follows each of the gladdening verse makes it easier for even the not so frequent readers to follow the words.

Not only has Padmaja described herself in some complex and simple words, but also shared some of her black and white memories. She has also touched upon some generic topics. The bookworms will unquestionably appreciate the relationship between mother nature and human nature, that the poetess has expressed magnificently.

Padmaja Bharti Book

Fewer words and more emotions are the cruces of Rhime of Time. The inducement for each poem is so unprecedented that each poem appeals to the bibliophile to an ample extent. The most agreeable point is that none of the compositions are obscure or half-done.

Padmaja Bharti’s journey as a feminist and bold lady in a controlled manner is as inspiring as it can get. Her superb transformation from an angry bird to a sophisticated lady is the one to watch out for. A fashion designer from NIFT, Kolkata, she was disappointed as an entrepreneur but unlike those who grieve over lemons, she took to her girlhood craving for writing and is now one of India’s top young authors and a well deserved bestselling author too.

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