Pride of Myanmar

Name: Khunn Hsett Han


Born: 5/6/1997

Founder/ National Director:

  • Mrs Grand International
  • Miss Crystal Angel International
  • Little Miss And Mister Pacific World
  • Miss Burma Organization ( Miss Supranational Myanmar )


  • How many countries have attended Mrs Grand at the moment?
    Ans : 30 countries
  • Difficulties when you organize the event?
    Ans : There are no big problems. If there is a problem, I try my best to solve it with my Teams.
  • How is your life right now?
    Ans : I live my whole life in the best and most beautiful way. I enjoy living my life with my favorite pageant business.
  • Some activities have been postponed to 2022, what have you prepared for Mrs Grand International?
    Ans : We already prepared for Mrs Grand International 2021 since June 2021. But Due to the political situation in our country , Mrs Grand International 2021 has been postponed to 2022 due to epidemic conditions also.
  • Criteria for selecting the winner?
    Ans : We will choose someone who is beautiful and can bring peace .
    And What are the standards of a Queen
    We will choose the one who matches the external beauty and Inner Beauty also.

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