Pranati Rai Prakash: The Topper Who Topped The World

Have you ever thought about what it would be like being a known face when you are still in college? Representing your state and competing to get the coveted title of Miss India even before you graduate? Or from becoming a top-class model from being a topper in your school or college? All these might seem impossible dreams to a lot of us but there is someone who has achieved it all and is still aiming for more. We are talking about none other than the very talented and super stunning, Pranati Rai Prakash. Talking exclusively to, she shares her journey with us.

Early Life

Talking about her childhood, Pranati tells us that being an army brat, Pranati had developed an interest in a lot of things namely, horse riding, swimming, running etc. She also particularly remembers socialising the army way. What remains the same with all the army brats is the constant pace with which they change their schools, Pranati too was no exception as she changed more than 10 schools during her childhood. 


Pranati tells us that she had an affinity towards the camera, fashion since a very tender age, she also was intrigued by the cinema and aspired to be a part of it. She also tells us that she was always vocal about her passions and very often would style herself and her barbies and tell everyone that it was what she wanted to do and she was pretty clear about choosing fashion as her career. Pranati got many modelling opportunities after she joined the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Pranati recalls taking part in the college fest which in turn earned her a ticket to Miss India. Pranati went on to represent her state in the competition. After getting selected for Miss India, Pranati also started getting a lot of offers to star in various TV commercials and once she graduated, she went on to join, ‘India’s Next supermodel,’ which turned her into an actor and a model 

Turning point 

Pranati candidly tells that she is still waiting for a life-changing moment and she says that she has a different answer, every time this question comes to her, but she still sticks to Miss India, as she feels it helped her break the studious image which she had in her college. She also tells us that she has enjoyed her journey and feels that there are a lot of other things left for her to achieve. 


Talking about her inspirations, Pranati tells us that she used to look up to people like Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra etc. All of whom also came from a defence background and ended up getting successful in modelling and acting, apart from them, she feels that she is the biggest motivation for herself and she constantly tries to outshine herself every day. 


Telling us about her experience in the industry, Pranati says she feels happy and blessed to be a part of this industry and she also shares that she has made everlasting bonds with the people she has worked with on various projects, she also goes on to say that she has met some of the best people ever thought this industry and that she likes being around them, even though her line of work is hard and tolling, Pranati tells us that she works hard because she knows that eventually she will be rewarded for it. She also advises people who aspire to be like her to be passionate and motivated and not feel dejected, everyone has a bad day but one should always get up and keep moving. 

Upcoming Projects and Struggle

Talking about her upcoming projects, Prananti tells us that she is working on a couple of web series and a movie. Telling us about her movie, “Odd couple even Love”, she tells us that it has already premiered in World Film Festivals and other film festivals and is expected to be released on an OTT platform soon. As far as her web series are concerned, Pranati reveals that the shooting of the same is on the verge of completion and it is slated to hit the screens by the end of this year. 

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Throwing light on the struggle Pranati has faced, she says that her parents always knew that she was clear about what she wanted to achieve and were more convinced about it when she finally got into the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Apart from that, she was also a part of her school’s dramatics society and to strengthen their confidence, Pranati started coming on the screen when her TVC started getting aired. “I am financially independent now but my parents are still there for me,” she says proudly. She also tells us how she always stuck to her morals and values and kept her head up and strong whenever she got dejected. 

Special Message

Advising all the aspiring actors, Pranati says that one has to be clear in their mind about the things they want to do, and if you can believe it, you can achieve it. She also advises them to make their mind and stand up for whatever they want to do and just give it a shot. She also says that one has to aspire to be the best of the lot and be ready to work hard and that can only happen if one stays passionate, motivated and determined to keep going. “Keep working on yourself, keep reinventing, you might be at a high today but you might face your low tomorrow, don’t just give up,” she says. 

Changes you see in yourself post lockdown

“I have been able to get closer to myself”, comes a fast reply when asked about the change Pranati sees in her self post the lockdown, disclosing that even though she has always been a spiritual person, she has never been able to spend so much time with herself since long. She also says that she meditates a lot and that is perhaps her favourite thing to do. She also says that by seeing the things that have been going around the world, this lockdown has prepared her well to embrace herself and become mentally and emotionally strong. 

We at, wish Pranati all the luck for her future endeavours and plans.

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