Making Music His Life: Akhil Saxena and His “Phir Wahi Hain Safar”

Check out Akhil Saxena talking about his latest release “Phir Wahi Hain Safar”.

Q. Tell us something about your recent release “Phir Wahi Hain Safar”.

 This song is a sad and little love genre track. When I heard sample music I immediately got connected with the feeling which the song is describing. Variety in genre, instrumentation and mood was key and I think the best-remembered songs are those that we can hum along to. Music Director Raj thought that the song will connect with every individual and somewhere with their personal life too.

Q. What’s your upcoming plan?

It depends on what is offered to me. I would like to deliver some beautiful tracks with new compositions. Hope I will deliver more tracks for our audience in the upcoming years as I believe in keep listening and keep exploring.

Q. How did you start in the field of Music?

I always loved to sing; in fact, I can’t imagine a life without being allowed to sing.

My mother is my first teacher. Once she said that if you want to learn singing, go for a teacher who can improve your skills. Once I started with my teacher, he began to teach me privately. He told me to “look at what everyone else is doing and do something different.”

Q. What is your strategy to work?

We are first and foremost human beings; our art can only be born out of our humanity. I love all forms of music. I would love to sing all genre songs for my listeners

Looking forward to some big projects.

Q. Something about your Team

I am coming with my new tracks with my partner Raj Ruchal who is a very talented music director. We both met through one of our Mutual friends about 2-3 years ago. After that meeting, we tried to understand each other’s taste in music and we finally pushed ourselves into the market with our own melodious track.

I would like to mention that he is a very talented and simple guy who believes in creativity. So we had planned so much in terms of music. Waiting for listeners to recognise our music and their positive response.

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