Khushi: The Source Of Eternal Happiness

Khushi literally means happiness and in these trying times, we all want to grab anything that makes us feel better with open arms. So here is The Celeb Lyf in an exclusive conversation with the very beautiful and the very talented Khushi Mukherjee, come with us as we take you through her struggle, experiences, and lifestyle.

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Beginnings and the First Steps

“I wanted to be an actor ever since I was 3 years old”, Khushi tells us, she also goes on to tell us how she was constantly bullied at her school for having braces and not being “beautiful”, being a studious student, she always excelled in her academics and was seldom taken seriously when she said that she aspired to become an actress. Little did she know that one day she will go on to become one of the most beautiful actresses of her time.

Having had to face a lot of resistance from her family who wanted her to be a lawyer or a doctor owing to her excellent academic record, Khushi tells us how she used to save her pocket money to be able to appear for auditions through various logistical hassles. She also tells us as to how she had to leave her house to pursue her passions with 20 rupees in her pocket and how she survived on it by merely eating Chapatis.

Khushi tells us about that one time when she read about and got into touch with one of the model coordinators and how she went to a local studio wearing her best clothes and putting her best in applying her makeup to get her photoshoot done at the age of 13. She also tells us how she constantly faced the dilemma of not being a child and likewise not being an adult because she was 13. However, she never let anything come in her way and she kept her hustle strong. Getting her professional portfolio done when she entered high school, her pictures received a massive reception and she created an instant spark on social media which in turn got Khushi her first South-Indian movie.

Life-Changing Moment

“I started with a Tamil movie and I was not groomed”, Khushi tells us how the initial failure of her movies never got in her way to achieve higher things in life. Khushi also starred in a few Telugu movies including the super hit “Heart Attack” alongside Nitin Reddy. Khushi tells us how she wanted more discipline in her life when it came to working and started focusing on serials and her shows. Having got an opportunity to be featured in reality shows like “MTV Splitsvilla- 10” and “MTV Love School”, Khushi Mukherjee became a household name, well you’ll be surprised that Khushi’s popularity is not just limited to young adults and others but Khushi who also stars in “Balveer” is equally loved by her children fans as well. Khushi was recently seen in a web series called “Love Festival” which was produced by ULLU.

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“I adore Shahrukh Khan since I was 3, but my inspiration is my critics”, comes an honest response from the ever-smiling Khushi, having gone through a lot of criticism during her childhood, Khushi feels that she owes a large part of her success to people who never believed in her because those were the people who made her get better at stuff and achieve whatever she has today.

Dreams and Upcoming Projects

“I wanted to be an actress and I am an actress, I just want to do challenging roles which would help me grow as an actress”, Khushi says.

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Talking about her projects, she says that she wants to continue doing “Balveer” as she is very critical of the scripts that she is offered and she just wants her fans to see the best of her. She also tells us how she wants to reenact K3G’s Pooh and be the Shahrukh Khan of Darr. 

Experience in the Entertainment Industry

“I’ve experienced the different colors of the rainbow”, Khushi says, she also tells us how people used to tell her, how bad the industry was when she was young, but as she climbed the ladders of success, she met different people and had different experiences. She also goes on to say that it is the people who are bad and not the profession.

Beauty Secret

“Beauty lies within”, Khushi says, she also says that we should try and be positive and be good to people and that is when we will realize that all of us are indeed beautiful. 

Special Message

Khushi says that she is grateful to her fans for making what she is today, she says that without their love and appreciation, she wouldn’t have been able to achieve what she has today. “I am not perfect but the way my fans adore me and show their love to me, I feel blessed”, she added.

Talking about the pandemic, Khushi requests her fans to take precautions and stay safe and follow the guidelines prescribed by the government. “This time is not going to come back, so just focus on yourself”, she says.

We at, wish Khushi all the luck for her future endeavours and plans.

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