Kanwalpreet Singh’s “Rooh” is touching Rooh

Short films are always special, in just a few minutes, they tell us the message of a lifetime. Just like that, Bollywood actor Kanwalpreet Singh with acclaimed film-maker Ojaswwee Sharma and child actor Garry Dhillon are sharing a big message through their award-winning short film “Rooh” which is now available on Youtube after getting screened at the film festivals of all the continents.

Based on the importance of ‘Kesh’ in a Sikh’s life (which is an important component of the 5 ‘Kakaars’ of Sikhism), this film has won more than a million hearts and it’s continuing. The whole team is very excited with the response it is getting. “I am extremely delighted and happy to know that our ‘Rooh’ which is very close to my will now be seen by the audience worldwide after a very successful run at the festivals. I had grown my beard for 8 months for this film as the ‘authenticity’ was the first thing that we wanted to ensure! Films like Rooh are made very rarely and the kind of passion with which the film has been made proved magical! I feel very proud to be associated with such films”, says Kanwalpreet Singh. 

The film has won several awards and recognition till date. Also, it has been nominated as “Best Short Film” at the Changing Face International Film Festival (Australia) in 2019 and became the first film produced in the Punjabi language from India to be screened at a film festival in the Latin American Country.

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