Four Inspiring Personalities under 40 that motivate the youth

Sonia Sahijwani Saini – Author of 3 successful books namely Yours Legally (2019), Baby on Board (2019) and Aapki Siya LLb (2020, Hindi)

Juggling the roles of a full time employee, a mother, a homemaker and author of several books, writing being her passion, becoming an author was her childhood dream.

Her books and feats have been featured in various literary festivals and won her several accolades and feats. Her life journey has also been featured in a recently released Bio Panaroma Book ‘Shining Divas of 2020’ published by Literoma , a Kolkata based book publisher and promoter in the first of its kind book containing biographies of 6 women achievers all across the country. She has recently been featured among 51 Influential Indians (in the Author Category) in a Coffee Table Book 51 Influential Indians published and released on 18.8.2021 by Crazy Tales, a Media Company based in Delhi/NCR

She has also been felicitated with the prestigious Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award for Working Women 2020 by Asian Academy of Arts in association with International Women’s Film Forum during the Global Literary Festival held in Noida in Sept 2020 for contribution to the country through her writing. Sonia was also bestowed with Best Author Award 2020 by 101 Women’s conclave awards organized by Crazytales at Constitution Club of India in January 2021.

Her book Baby on Board which is a bold and honest account of her pregnancy journey and aims to challenge the myths and misconceptions reg motherhood won her Best Writer-Jury award by Indian Literary Awards  in 2020 

She continues to work towards increasing readership of her book and Yours Legally is also available as an Audiobook on all leading platforms in the country including Spotify, Google Podcast, etc. 

Sonia is not only contributing to the law department of a Maharatna PSU through her work and legal expertise but also inspiring colleagues, employees and society at large with her books and writings and many readers have been heavily inspired to even take up law after reading her debut book.  Her books and various online sessions/interviews, etc are motivating employees/students particularly women employees to balance work and personal life, to pursue their dreams and passions and to give 100% to their job as well.


Durlav Sarkar is a celebrity entrepreneur and multiple world record holder who is the current sensation of writing and the founder of the fastest growing start-up,INKZOID FOUNDATION.

 Durlav Sarkar the youngest Bengali to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Title and recognised as Karmaveer 2021.

He is a world record holder for writing 55 lyrical sonnets and completing each one of them within 5 mins and the youngest world record strategist of Asia.

Six Books has been written on him “Durlav Sarkar–The Authentic Human” by Debarati Das and Asmi Barman,”The Living Legend” by Yumna Gulvez, “Durlav Sarkar–The Pride Of India” by Mahak Chawla and Mainak Roy,”Durlav Sarkar–An Inspiration” by Yumna Gulvez,”The Guiding Light” by Keerthana,Abhiram B and Srishty Singh,”A Salute” a book compiled by the budding writing industry as a tribute to Durlav Sarkar from INKZOID FOUNDATION and this double hat-trick book launch was done on his first year writing anniversary.

He is the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION-International publishing platform which has 25+ communities under it and the house of creativity including open mics,events and other competitions which includes writing, photography,artwork etc.

He also founded one NGO-Love All Serve All to help the needy people all over the world and set an inspiration for others.

So Sobar Kolkata News is very happy for his achievement not only for his world record but also for being the youngest Bengali to receive DADASAHEB PHALKE title and for being recognised as Karmaveer 2021 for being an author,entrepreneur,social worker and an Inspiration for the coming generations.

Durlav Sarkar is a Btech student studying in MSIT,Kolkata. He is an young entrepreneur and is an academic achiever, an ex-student of JDS,Kolkata represented his school in many debates,quizzes, vocals and other inter school competitions. He is a lyricist, writer and singer and has his own writing community consisting of 300 writers.

He is the Founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION and Love All Serve All NGO, admin of  ‘The Clicker’s platform’ and co-admin of the Golden Talent and The ethicz.

He is connected with many writing communities and publications such as Bishara,Flairs and glairs,Spread Those Inks,The opus coliseum and Anuragyam

 He is currently working with an NGO named ‘The Panda Foundation’ and connected with CYIMUN and many more.

He is also known for graphic designing and conducting events which includes Agomoni 2021 from The Unheard Voices and Dugga Elo.

He likes to give platform to the budding authors,artists and photographers in his pages through all the units of INKZOID FOUNDATION such as Bleed Your Ink,Team Writers,The Quidditch Ink,Penning The Pain,The Revolutionary Ink,Writer’s Word,Purpose Go Viral,Aesthete Writers,Inspired Thoughts,world_instapic.hub,INKZOID Wonder,INKZOID Times,The Golden Talent,The Clickers,INKZOID Podcasts,Kalakritiyaan,De Talk.

He started his start-ups under his own foundation to support the young budding talents through Go INKZODIAC awards,INKZOID Book Of Records,INKZOIDOPIDIA several awards of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

He is the founder of Inkzoid Foundation-largest writing community and publishing platform in the world(international publishing platform)and love all serve all- an NGO

He worked in many anthologies and wrote  solo books which is yet to be published.His upcoming solo book is ‘The Record’.

He has been given a title ‘The master of rhyming sonnets’ from this writing profession.

His hobbies are writing poems, reading books,singing and playing cricket .

His speciality is to write lyrical rhyming sonnets mainly in Bengali and English.

He has a  world record of writing 55 rhyming sonnets within a month and not more than 5 mins to complete each one of it,He is recognised as Karmaveer 2021for his works in writing field and he also received the Dada Saheb PHALKE 2021,being the youngest bengali to receive it.

He is featured in many magazines, websites and live shows/interviews and he is the inspiration of many for his famous line “Haters are my biggest motivators” because he is Victorious in his life even after facing a lot of difficulties in his life including attempt to murders that’s why he is a role model for many people.

He is attached with  musical and host events as well.

His poems ‘Tumi je mor sikkhok’ and ‘Bondhu Amar’ were famous.

Yogitha Subhash – Award-winning Writer, Published Co-author of successful anthologies, dreamer, believer, and achiever

Yogitha is a writer from Hyderabad, the city of pearls. She is a 90’s kid, grown up in a middle class family. Yogitha is a kind of introvert who is preparing for Civil services. Writing has always been a passion of hers. She feels people won’t hear what we say, but they do read what we write. 

Yogitha started her writing journey without even realising she will become a writer one day. She started her writing journey as a Co-Author. Her first book as a Co-Author was “BLUE WHISPERS AT MIDNIGHT. Later she started participating in many anthologies where she got an opportunity to mingle with Author’s,Co-Author’s,Publisher’s,Media partner’s as well. She never thought receiving one award would change her entire life. Yogitha received her first award for her work from THE RISING STAR for the title “THE STAR ICON 2021” where she was nominated  as a Co-Author. She  got featured in Google news as “Top 10 literary personalities. Yogitha’s writing journey continued and again she got Nominated for “THE PRIDE OF INDIA”

Yogitha says “This award literally made me feel proud of myself as it was representing my Country and it has the title INDIA in it.

Again she got nominated for “HINDUSTAN WRITER AWARDS” she says she was least expecting to get selected in that but she did…

Later she got an opportunity Where she can prove her work one more time and got selected in “ELITE BOOK AWARDS ”for BEST ASPIRING WRITER.. Her work got featured in “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR ” which is a national Magazine. & Her write ups have been published by leading media. All these achievement’s became a part of her life now and all this achievements are making her feel proud.. She says these achievement’s are  opportunities which are preparing her to achieve more.. Moving forward she is looking to continue her journey as a ‘WRITER’. Because her passion now turned into her Dreams.Dream to become a best selling Author. She is planning to write her first debut book.

Her biggest Goal is to serve the Nation, And she wants to open a NGO which can work for the welfare of women and children.

Yogitha Believes  “Life tricks you every now and then just to make you strong so instead of feeling low,just believe that the Universe always has a plan for you”

Ka’Ron Gaines – Global Literary Sensation, Creator of Woke Seed, Entrepreneur, Artist

Recently featured in Outlook India, The Print India, The India Saga, UStimesnow and other prominent media features, author Ka’Ron Gaines has taken a revolutionary entry into the literary horizon. The amount of love he gets from India is something he had not expected till some months back.

Woke Seed is the story of a boy named Light. He finds himself on an unplanned trip to his Uncle’s house that leads to new friends, new fun, and new ideas. Your young reader can enjoy the colourful pages, an exciting adventure, and the start of enlightened conversations.

Ka’Ron Gaines is a proud father, author, activist, founder of programs, and Creator of businesses. He founded the Grades Is Money School Tour, Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour, The More than a Baby Daddy Fresh Start Program, Our  Community Cleanup Crew, and Team Southside.

He is also a recording artist under the stage name “Mr One God”. Gaines is the founder and owner of One God Clothing, which spreads the message of One Race, One Culture, One God through a fashionable art form. He is a talented actor who has played in multiple independent films, some still in the process of being released.

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