Be a Trail Monster: Film Producer “OBEEJEET VISWAS”

What happen when a guy of 25-year-old step into film production as a producer  ??

What was the experience when you learn from failure, How to manage the big production in a small budget? All this type of things we will get to know in this interview with Mr OBEEJEET VISWAS.

How you start your career as a Film Producer, tell us about your journey?

Nothing special things happen in my life, my family belongs from West Bengal I am a son of Doctor my mom was Housewife and in my teenage, we shifted to Madhya Pradesh and from there I had completed my education. From childhood only I am keen interested in Money Making, new business Ideas. So let’s come straight to the point my life turning point comes when I am 23 of age. When I got a proposal for my first film which is the Bengali film “Swarnamudra”. This film my lesson of life it thought me a lot from this film only I got to learn about what is film making so after this I got back to back proposals and I accept it as per the Benefit seem of those projects.

How far you look at yourself as a Film Producer?

Reyansh singh

I will not commit anything in this question but yes I am working continuously. In this year of 2021, I am producing 4 films in the pipeline and 1 of my films is ready to release and 1 of my film is in the post-production stage. So let’s see what happen after all this thing but the word GIVE UP is not on my dictionary, I am a TRIAL MOSTER.

According to you if someone wants to do something then he or she should be TRAIL MONSTER… Meaning?

Try and Try until you get success. You have to react like Monster that means you have put all your affords to make the thing possible I saw lots of filmmaker or producer who gave up from industry after their first loss. I worship my work, Film making is a Business but it’s also an Emotion. And I work with emotions to generate Business.

What’re the upcoming projects?.

Marika The Attrupt is almost ready for release, Dice is in Post Production and I have 4 films yet to announce which we are doing this year. In DICE and Future upcoming projects my banner myFCTV STUDIO PVT LTD is associated with ZEST PRODUCTION own by Mr PRASASTH UPADHAYA ( Aadesh ) and B.R MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT own by Mr BISHWAJEET MANDAL.
During this interview when we asked about “something more about you” he responds in a very gentle and polite way.

I believe that now I am also in making I am creating my profile, yes ask this same question in 2022 then I will let you know something about new.

So the Last question Mr Viswas What is exactly myFCTV?

myFCTV is our brand it stands for Fashion and Culture in this year very soon myFCTV will be in your Mobile’s App stores. It will be a OTT app along with a feature of Talent Promotion if anyone want to start his or her career then myFCTV will the one roof where they get everything
At the last, I wanna thank my TEAM, whatever I am today I will give credit to my team .

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