Ashish Bhatia And Da Desi Toli’s Latest Track “D-Gang” Is A Blessing To Your Ear Drums

They say that the people from the hills are super talented and being closer to nature, they are particularly well versed with the vocation of singing. To break all the stereotypes and precedents, actor Ashish Bhatia has teamed up with Da Desi Toli which is a Dehradun based rap crew comprising of Byg Smyle, Rv Janaab, Sarkaar, Honey, Raichu, M-Zee Bella, and the team has dropped their new song, D-Gang which has become viral over the internet. Talking exclusively to The Celeb Lyf, the team shares their experiences about shooting and making of the song.

Q1. Who came up with the idea of this song?

Ans.  “The idea behind the song was planned Da Desi Toli, who thought of collaborating with Aashish Bhatia representing our city of Dehradun”

Q2. What was the main motive behind this song? What message do you want to convey?

Ans. “The motive behind the song was to promote our city of Dehradun and its hip hop culture truly and the message was simple, to bring forth the hustle and culture of the artistes.”

Q3.Due to Pandemic, have you faced challenges while shooting and other work?

Ans. “ As we began shooting in the first phase of unlocking, so the transportation was fine, we also had Aarogya Setu app on our phones and as there were no positive cases around us, we went ahead with the shoot which was done by maintaining social distancing and using masks, etc.”

Q4. Is the team D-Gang happy with the amazing response it is getting?

Ans. “Yes, the response is amazing and the public is enjoying the vibes of the song at its fullest, especially the hook which was nicely created by Byg Smyle.”

Q5. Where was the song shot and what are the new tracks and projects that team D- Gang is working on?

Ans. “The video has been entirely shot in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and as far the future projects are concerned, there are a lot of tracks which are already in process and the people will be able to groove to them soon as they would premier on our Youtube channel.”

The team also especially wishes to thank the whole cast and crew which made this amazing project a reality,

Artists- Byg Smyle, Rv Janaab, Sarkaar, Aashish Bhatia

Music Producer- Whiteeyes (International Producer)

Video shot and edited by- Raiychu

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