From Courtroom to the Ramp: The Journey of Aditi Vats

Aditi Vats

It is a common perception that lawyers are studious geeks who find solace in nothing else but new laws and books. Many times, people are more scared to go to a lawyer than they are to go to a doctor. Breaking all these stereotypes, this lawyer turned model from Rajasthan, who is as hot as the place she comes from, became a household name when she stole a million hearts in the coveted Miss India pageant. You guessed it right, we are talking about none other than the sensational and charming, Aditi Vats.

Talking exclusively to The Celeb Lyf, Aditi shares her journey, her dreams and her life with us and her fans.

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Having been born into a family of lawyers, this Jaipur ki chori always wanted to don the black gown since she was a child. Having played many games as a child, Vats tells us that she had a great school life and is ever grateful to her friends who have stood by her through thick and thin. Talking about her relationship with her brother, she tells us how both of them are in an eternal love-hate relationship and how her brother never leaves any opportunity to tease her, she, however, confides that she likes it that way.

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Modelling and Miss India

Taking up PCM in school is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are Aditi Vats, nothing is impossible for you, this PCM student who graduated in law and went on to participate in the Miss India competition, is surely an inspiration for many. But how did it all start? This is what she tells us,

“I always wanted to give modelling a try, I was ready to face the consequences if I failed, but I was certainly not ready to back off without trying”, she says. College was something which changed Aditi’s life for good. Having been approached by many model scouting companies and beauty pageants, Aditi finally knew that her time had come when in her third year of studies, she was approached by the Miss India Beauty Pageant seeking her participation, Aditi consented and went onto become one of the finalists of the beauty competition.

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Turning Point of Life

“It is absolutely Miss India” comes a fast reply, there is a time when your recognition knows no bounds and you instantly rise to the occasion and fame, this is what happened with Aditi after her stint with Miss India, being a student of the third year of her degree, she initially declined all the offers made to her to come and start her career as a model in Mumbai, but once Aditi finished off with her degree, decided to give modelling a try. 

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“There is a lot to achieve, I feel I haven’t achieved anything,” comes a humble reply, Aditi says that she doesn’t want to measure her achievements in terms of wealth or success but in terms of inner satisfaction of having done something good and unique in life. Rewards and awards don’t define you, your recognition does.

Talking about her passions, Vats tells us that he has a great passion for law and that she loves to research and draft points and matters.

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“I love Ellen DeGeneres for who she is and it is just beyond words”, Aditi says that she just loves the amount of positivity that Ellen brings onto each and every person who watches her or knows her is beyond explanations and something which Aditi admires the most about her is the way she culminates her programmes with, “Be Kind to each other”, it is something which Aditi has inculcated in her life and I think we all should too. 

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Preparation for Future

Being better than what we were yesterday, is the motto that Aditi Vats lives by and she feels that every day is a new opportunity to learn something new or get better at something which we already know, by adding these small things the value of a human being increases. Aditi also tells us how she tries to push herself harder every single day to become a better version of her own self.

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“Things don’t come easy in life, one has to go out and work for things they want or desire”, Aditi says. 

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Experience as a Model and Upcoming Projects

Before telling us her experience, Aditi tells us how grateful she is to her family who has always stood by her as a pillar of strength and how her father, mother and brother have always made sure that she is able to fulfil all her dreams with the right kind of attitude and by taking the right path at all times. 

Talking about her experience as a model, Aditi says that she has had a wonderful experience, though it hasn’t always been easy, she admits, “but if you have the right attitude and you are professional, nothing can stop you from being successful”, she says.

Aditi will be seen doing a major character in a web series, ‘Bebakee’ which would be premiering on Alt Balaji and Zee5 very soon, apart from this, Vats was also a part of two unnamed projects, which have been blocked due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

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Special Message

Aditi says that she would like her fans to know that is thankful for the love and support that she has been showered with, she also assuringly tells them that even though the times are difficult, but if we all act together and abide by what the Government says, we will all come out of it triumphantly.  

We at, wish Aditi all the luck for his future endeavours and plans.

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